what we do


what we do


The menu of programs below are focused on taking you, your organization, or members of your team to the next level.

We will create a specific plan based on your needs using one or more of the following offerings.


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Do you and every stakeholder in your organization know, in detail, your plan to grow? Does your team understand the synergy between sales and marketing, and the actionable tactics each needs to be held accountable to?

When your business was created, a general business plan was set in place, whether it was a formal plan or on the back of a bar napkin. Every business has evolved since that magical day, but few small to mid-sized businesses have a strategy that evolves with them. As an extension of your leadership team we take a systematic approach in brainstorming new concepts and mutually developing a documented, transparent strategy.

Leading a series of workshops, together we will:

  • Analyze your current revenue producing infrastructure

  • Identify your greatest opportunities for improvement

  • Document an overall sales and marketing strategy to maximize growth potential, utilizing our proven process and templates

  • Provide guidance on how and when to share this with others within the organization



You are a leader in your own way. By applying our successful development techniques, we work with individuals or teams to:

  • Understand motivators, maximize strengths, and focus on the interpersonal relationships of those you lead

  • Assess current leadership skill sets and provide recommendations on training programs to enhance knowledge and abilities

  • Enhance the interactions with those you interact with through exercises and training techniques

  • Create professional development and growth plans to increase leadership effectiveness beyond the engagement

  • Develop a specific plan to meet your needs or the needs of others in your organization



This program – based on concepts developed within a book entitled Make a Difference by Dr. Larry Little – will introduce your organization’s staff, all of whom likely have wildly diverse personalities, to a new way of understanding human behavior.  A departure from Meyers-Briggs personality tests, or DiSC personality profiling, Make a Difference is about how to get differing personalities (personified by animal characteristics – lion, camel, monkey, or turtle) talking and communicating with one another without devouring each other.

This 90 day initiative is presented in series of three workshops.  The journey includes consultation with executive leadership and specific program customization per your direction over the 3-month process. Additionally, in order to ensure your organization will benefit from implementing Make a Difference, we will provide materials enabling your ability to on-board future employees. Lastly, because we recommend you identify a Make a Difference “Champion” (someone within your organization to nurture the continued promotion of the program) we can include coaching on a quarterly basis.

Workshops Include:

  • Enlightenment - Present concepts of the Make a Difference to the organizations executive leadership team.

  • Better Communication, Better Listeners - Work with executive leadership to plan and execute Make a Difference presentation to the entire organization.

  • Set Everyone Up for Success - A relational approach to Make a Difference is presented to the entire organization. This fun, interactive presentation will have all participants prepared to experience enhanced skill sets enabling success in relationships with those you interact professionally and socially.


Every organization goes through a transformation, and with change comes opportunity. When your company finds itself looking for a fresh perspective, needs an infusion of expertise, or finds itself with an unexpected leadership gap; we have a team of accomplished fractional outsourced professionals to help take your organization to the next level. Each one of our hand-picked professionals have the experience and acumen to provide small to mid-sized businesses with the resources they need to ensure business is flowing smoothly and effectively, and striving for the next level.

All businesses want to exceed expectations. We obsess about doing it for you. BACKforty will provide you with a documented and detailed Scope of Work that outlines what our professionals will be held accountable to and the results we will deliver.

Our leaders specialize in:

  • Senior Leadership

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Finance

  • Operations



Coaching is defined as the direction, instruction, and training of an individual or team. We pride ourselves on our proven Sales Coaching process that has been used by organizations of all sizes.

By partnering with your BACKforty Sales Coach, we will:

  • Establish a consistent Prospect Engagement Process

  • Mutually create sales activity accountability

  • Develop strategies for target markets, vertical markets, or specific prospects

  • Participate in sales training exercises and techniques

  • Create professional development and growth plans to increase sales effectiveness beyond the engagement



The In a Nutshell program is our take on what is commonly known as the elevator pitch. If you were to ask every person in your organization - “What do you do?” - how would they respond? Multiple times per week someone asks one of your team members this simple question, and chances are each responds differently. These are possible opportunities for new business and brand awareness, let’s make the most of them!

Through a series of facilitated workshop sessions, we will:

  • Partner with client assigned team to understand current messaging and create a clear baseline of what you do “In a Nutshell”

  • Assist with testing phases between workshops to evolve and adjust based on conversational feedback

  • Agree upon and finalize, then documented and shared with the entire organization to ensure full alignment


Every individual is different. What drives one person certainly may not drive the next. Many people find themselves searching for their true purpose, their “back forty”.

The where’s your BACKforty? program + playbook was created to help establish who you are at the core and who you truly want to be. Success is an ambiguous term that many spend their whole lives chasing, but many rarely take the time to focus on happiness. It’s time to get happy!

Here are some of the topics the program focuses on:

  • Personal Reflection

  • Personal Mission Statement

  • Personal Core Values

  • Personal Core Desired Feelings

  • Intentions + Goals

  • Vision Board + Tracking


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